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a.m. (abbreviation, acronym)
ante meridiem (am, A.M, AM)
morning; time before noon; hours between midnight and noon
A.O.B. (abbreviation, acronym)
any other business
used at the end of the list of subjects to be discussed at a meeting or conference
abbreviation (noun)
form plural: abbreviations
shortened form of a word or word combination
abide (verb)
forms: abided; abided; abiding
to comply; to obey; to conform; to stay; to tolerate
ability (noun)
form plural: abilities
skill; talent; aptitude; capacity; power
able (adjective)
competent; talented; apt
abolish (verb)
forms: abolished; abolished; abolishing
to cancel; to revoke
abound (verb)
forms: abounded; abounded; abounding
to be plentiful; to be filled with; to overflow with
above (adjective)
mentioned earlier in the same text
above (adverb)
overhead; over; in a higher place
above (noun)
form: no plural
something previously mentioned or indicated
above (preposition)
over; higher than; more than
abreast (adverb)
side by side; in alignment; on top of; up-to-date; well-informed
abroad (adverb)
in another country; outside; widely
absence (noun)
form: no plural
failure to appear; state of being away; state of being not present
absent (adjective)
preoccupied; lost in thought
absorb (verb)
forms: absorbed; absorbed; absorbing
to suck up; take up; take in
absorbed (adjective)
treated as an expense
abundant (adjective)
plentiful; copious; profuse; full abounding with
abuse (noun)
form: no plural
maltreatment; corrupt practice; foul language
abuse (verb)
forms: abused; abused; abusing
to injure; to harm; to mistreat
accelerate (verb)
forms: accelerated; accelerated; accelerating
to hasten; to increase the speed of something; to speed something up
accelerator (noun)
form plural: accelerators
gas pedal of a motor vehicle
accept (verb)
forms: accepted; accepted; accepting
to receive; to agree; to consent
acceptance (noun)
form: no plural
act of receiving; approval; state of believing in something
access (noun)
form: no plural
approach; entry; permission to enter a computer system or network and/or retrieve data
access (verb)
forms: accessed; accessed; accessing
to gain entrance to; to get at
accident (noun)
form plural: accidents
casualty; misadventure; mishap; failure
accommodate (verb)
forms: accommodated; accommodated; accommodating
to adapt oneself; to host guests; to provide lodging
accommodation (noun)
form: no plural
housing; residence; lodging; arrangement; adjustment
accompany (verb)
forms: accompanied; accompanied; accompanying
to go along with; to go together with; to join; to attach
accomplish (verb)
forms: accomplished; accomplished; accomplishing
to complete; to achieve; to attain; to perform
accomplishment (noun)
form plural: accomplishments
fulfillment; realization; attainment; achievement
accord (noun)
form: no plural
agreement; settlement; harmony
accord (verb)
forms: accorded; accorded; according
to give; to match; to fit; to complement
accordance (noun)
form: no plural
conformity; agreement; coordination; suitability
account (noun)
form plural: accounts
business arrangement; client; funds deposited in a bank
account (verb)
forms: accounted; accounted; accounting
to explain; to give a report; to cause; to regard
accountant (noun)
form plural: accountants
a person who keeps financial records; a person who conducts financial audits
accounting (noun)
form: no plural
a system of recording and analyzing financial transactions; auditing; a detailed financial statement
accredit (verb)
forms: accredited; accredited; accrediting
to certify; to recognize; to assign; to license
accrue (verb)
forms: accrued; accrued; accruing
to compile; to increase; to accumulate; to grow
accuracy (noun)
form: no plural
preciseness; exactness
achieve (verb)
forms: achieved; achieved; achieving
to obtain; to attain; to perform; to accomplish
achievement (noun)
form plural: achievements
performance; operation; attainment; mission; success
acquaint (verb)
forms: acquainted; acquainted; acquainting
to make familiar; to present someone; to introduce someone
acquaintance (noun)
form plural: acquaintances
person that you have met but do not know well; knowledge of something; familiarity
acquainted (adjective)
familiar; close; intimate; informed; aware
acquire (verb)
forms: acquired; acquired; acquiring
to buy; to obtain; to purchase; to attain
acquisition (noun)
form plural: acquisitions
purchase; something that has been purchased or obtained
acronym (noun)
form plural: acronyms
a word which is formed from the first letters of several words; i.e. TOEIC or NATO
actual (adjective)
substantial; real; tangible; current
ad (noun)
form plural: ads
informal word for a commercial announcement
ad (preffix)
toward; at
adamant (adjective)
unyielding; firm; hard; unbending
adamant (noun)
form plural: adamants
something unyielding; something hard; stone similar to diamond
adapt (verb)
forms: adapted; adapted; adapting
to conform; to change; to make suitable; to match; to fit
addiction (noun)
form plural: addictions
devotion to a certain habit; dependency
addition (noun)
form plural: additions
supplement; mathematical operation
additional (adjective)
extra; supplemental
additive (noun)
form plural: additives
address (noun)
form plural: addresses
location; description of a location
address (verb)
forms: addressed; addressed; addressing
to direct to; to speak to; to direct to a specific destination; to refer to
adept (adjective)
proficient; skilled; expert
adept (noun)
form plural: adepts
person who is an expert; person who is skilled
adequate (adjective)
sufficient; suitable; appropriate; proper
adhere (verb)
forms: adhered; adhered; adhering
to stick to; to cling to; to be devoted to (an idea, group, organization etc.)
adjourn (verb)
forms: adjourned; adjourned; adjourning
to postpone; to delay; to end a meeting; to move to another place
adjust (verb)
forms: adjusted; adjusted; adjusting
to modify; to adapt; to fit; to arrange; to settle
adjustable rate (noun)
form plural: adjustable rates
an interest percentage that changes over time
adjustment (noun)
form plural: adjustments
adaption; settlement of an insurance claim
administer (verb)
forms: administered; administered; administering
to manage; to supervise; to supply; to dispense
administration (noun)
form plural: administrations
management; supervisors; leadership
administrative (adjective)
managerial; executive
admirable (adjective)
worthy of adoration; impressive; wonderful; marvelous
admiration (noun)
form: no plural
enchantment; affection; adoration
admission (noun)
form: no plural
entrance; permission to enter; confession
admit (verb)
forms: admitted; admitted; admitting
to confess to something; to allow entrance; to accept as valid
admonish (verb)
forms: admonished; admonished; admonishing
to warn; to scold; to reprove
ado (noun)
form: no plural
commotion; flurry; excitement
adopt (verb)
forms: adopted; adopted; adopting
to form a relationship with another person
adorn (verb)
forms: adorned; adorned; adorning
to decorate; to beautify
adroit (adjective)
alert; clever; ingenious; skillful; adept
adult (adjective)
mature; full grown
adult (noun)
form plural: adults
opposite of child; a grown-up; a mature person
advance (adjective)
advance (noun)
form plural: advances
progress; modernization; promotion
advance (verb)
forms: advanced; advanced; advancing
to progress; to promote; to make a payment before it is due
advancement (noun)
form plural: advancements
forward movement; progress; promotion
advantage (noun)
form plural: advantages
benefit; profit; utility; avail
advantage (verb)
forms: advantaged; advantaged; advantaging
to help; to assist; to promote; to be beneficial to
adverse opinion (noun)
form plural: adverse opinions
one of several separate payments into which a debt has been divided; section; portion
adversely (adverb)
unfavorably; in a manner that works against; antagonistically
adversity (noun)
form plural: adversities
misfortune; hardship; distress; suffering
advert (noun)
form plural: adverts
public announcement or printed notice designed to attract attention
advert (verb)
forms: adverted; adverted; adverting
to refer to; to comment on; to draw attention to
advertise (verb)
forms: advertised; advertised; advertising
to promote; to draw attention to; to publicize
advertisement (noun)
form plural: advertisements
commercial information designed to attract attention; commercial
advice (noun)
form: no plural
counsel; guidance; specific information; hint
advise (verb)
forms: advised; advised; advising
to counsel; to offer guidance; to notify; to inform
advisor (noun)
forms plural: advisors; other spelling version: adviser
a person who provides guidance; consultant; counselor
affect (verb)
forms: affected; affected; affecting
to influence
affiliate (noun)
form plural: affiliates
partner company; distributor
affiliate (verb)
forms: affiliated; affiliated; affiliating
to join with; to connect to; to become attached to
affiliation (noun)
form plural: affiliations
connection; attachment
affinity (noun)
form plural: affinities
attraction; closeness; liking; likeness
afford (verb)
forms: afforded; afforded; affording
to be able to pay for; to supply; to provide
age (noun)
form plural: ages
period; era; generation
age (verb)
forms: aged; aged; aging
to grow older; to mature
agency (noun)
form plural: agencies
office; bureau; institution; franchise; method
agenda (noun)
form plural: agendas
schedule; calendar; outline of things to be done
agent (noun)
form plural: agents
representative; rep; factor; cause
aggregate (adjective)
collective; total; taking all units as a whole
aggregate (noun)
form plural: aggregates
combination; conjunction; group; mixture
aggregate (verb)
forms: aggregated; aggregated; aggregating
to accumulate; to gather; to collect; to assemble
aging schedule (noun)
form plural: aging schedules
a list of accounts receivable
agree (verb)
forms: agreed; agreed; agreeing
to consent; to concur; to suit; to have the same opinion; to fit
agreement (noun)
form plural: agreements
pact; contract; accord; consent; concurrence
ahead (adverb)
forward; in advance
aid (noun)
form plural: aids
help; assistance; accessory
aid (verb)
forms: aided; aided; aiding
to help; to assist
aim (noun)
form plural: aims
purpose; goal; objective; target
aim (verb)
forms: aimed; aimed; aiming
to try or to intend to achieve something; to direct; to plan; to aspire
aircraft (noun)
form: no plural
any vehicle which can be flown (i.e. helicopter)
airport (noun)
form plural: airports
place used by planes for takeoff and landing
airways (noun)
form: no plural
route through traveled by vehicles above ground level
aisle (noun)
form plural: aisles
passage; walkway (between rows of seats or shelves)
alert (adjective)
ready; attentive; quick; agile
alert (noun)
form plural: alerts
warning; alarm; attitude of readiness
alert (verb)
forms: alerted; alerted; alerting
to warn; to put on standby; to alarm
alive (adjective)
active; attentive
allay (verb)
forms: allayed; allayed; allaying
to relieve; to calm; to alleviate pain
alleviate (verb)
forms: alleviated; alleviated; alleviating
to allay; to soothe; to relieve; to soften; to lessen
alliance (noun)
form plural: alliances
pact; treaty; connection; relationship
allot (verb)
forms: allotted; allotted; allotting
to give out; to distribute; to ration; to set aside for a special purpose
allow (verb)
forms: allowed; allowed; allowing
to permit; to enable
allowance (noun)
form plural: allowances
grant; pocket money; stipend; discount; deduction
already (adverb)
previously; before a certain time
alter (verb)
forms: altered; altered; altering
to change; to modify
alternate (adjective)
rotating; one after the other; interchanging
alternate (verb)
forms: alternated; alternated; alternating
to interchange; to take turns; to rotate; to substitute
alternative (noun)
form plural: alternatives
choice; option
although (conjunction)
despite the fact that; in spite of the fact that
altitude (noun)
form plural: altitudes
height; distance above sea level
ambiguity (noun)
form plural: ambiguities
vagueness; lack of clarity
ambiguous (adjective)
open to dispute; obscure; vague
ambition (noun)
form plural: ambitions
aspiration; hope; goal; dream
ambitious (adjective)
aspiring; desirous of success; requiring great effort
ambivalence (noun)
form: no plural
state of having both positive and negative feelings towards a subject
amend (verb)
forms: amended; amended; amending
to change; to alter; to improve
amortization (noun)
form plural: amortizations
gradual payment of debt; the reduction of the value of an asset
amount (noun)
form plural: amounts
quantity; sum
amount (verb)
forms: amounted; amounted; amounting
to come to a sum; to become; to total
ample (adjective)
much; plenty; large; spacious
analysis (noun)
form: no plural
process of breaking down a subject and studying it; examination
analyze (verb)
forms: analyzed; analyzed; analyzing
to examine; to break down into parts and study (as in a subject)
anchor (noun)
form plural: anchors
newsreader; broadcaster
anchor (verb)
forms: anchored; anchored; anchoring
to attach firmly; to fasten tightly
anger (noun)
form: no plural
rage; fury
anger (verb)
forms: angered; angered; angering
to irritate; to infuriate; to enrage
angle (noun)
form plural: angles
point of view; perspective
angle (verb)
forms: angled; angled; angling
to bend; to turn sharply in a different direction
anniversary (noun)
form plural: anniversaries
yearly date commemorating a special event; birthday
announcement (noun)
form plural: announcements
declaration; notice; the act of informing the public
annoy (verb)
forms: annoyed; annoyed; annoying
to bother; to trouble; to disturb; to upset
annoying (adjective)
bothersome; troublesome; worrisome; harassing
annual (adjective)
occurring once a year; yearly
anticipate (verb)
forms: anticipated; anticipated; anticipating
to expect; to predict; to assume
anticipation (noun)
form plural: anticipations
expectation; hope; intuition
anxious (adjective)
fearful; worried; worrisome; eager; keen
anyhow (adverb)
in some way
anyway (adverb)
in whatever manner; however
AOL (abbreviation, acronym)
America Online
American corporation headquartered in Virginia, owner and operator of on line and interactive computer services
apart (adverb)
separately; aside; into pieces
apart (preposition)
besides; but; excluding
apartment (noun)
form plural: apartments
apologize (verb)
forms: apologized; apologized; apologizing
to express regret; to say sorry
apology (noun)
form plural: apologies
expression of regret or sorrow; excuse; defense; justification
apparatus (noun)
form plural: apparatuses
device; system; machine; gadget; appliance
apparel (noun)
form plural: apparels
clothing; garments; clothes; garb
apparel (verb)
forms: appareled; appareled; appareling
to dress; to adorn wear
apparently (adverb)
evidently; obviously; allegedly; seemingly
appeal (noun)
form plural: appeals
request; plea; petition for a new trial or judgment
appeal (verb)
forms: appealed; appealed; appealing
to plead; to request; to petition for a new trial or judgment
appealing (adjective)
begging; attractive; interesting
appear (verb)
forms: appeared; appeared; appearing
to come into view; to show up; to seem
appearance (noun)
form: no plural
impression; the way a person looks; image; semblance
appliance (noun)
form plural: appliances
tool; gadget; device; apparatus
applicant (noun)
form plural: applicants
candidate; nominee
application (noun)
form plural: applications
software program; written request; formal letter; implementation
apply (verb)
forms: applied; applied; applying
to make a request; to implement; to realize; to put into practice
appoint (verb)
forms: appointed; appointed; appointing
to nominate; to designate
appointment (noun)
form plural: appointments
official date; meeting; interview; nomination
appreciate (verb)
forms: appreciated; appreciated; appreciating
to esteem; to regard highly; to become more valuable
approach (noun)
form plural: approaches
access; method; system; procedure
approach (verb)
forms: approached; approached; approaching
to come near to; to tackle (a problem or situation)
appropriate (adjective)
suitable; fitting
appropriate (verb)
forms: appropriated; appropriated; appropriating
to set aside; to allot; to adapt; to embrace; to accept
approval (noun)
form plural: approvals
confirmation; endorsement; positive opinion
approve (verb)
forms: approved; approved; approving
to agree; to concur; to confirm; to endorse
approved list (noun)
form plural: approved lists
inventory of legal investments for savings banks and trust funds
approximately (adverb)
nearly; about; around; circa
apt (adjective)
suitable; appropriate; intelligent; savvy; capable
aptitude (noun)
form plural: aptitudes
ability; skill; talent
arbitrary (adjective)
optional; uncertain; changeable; open; unrestricted
area (noun)
form plural: areas
region; domain; field; category
argue (verb)
forms: argued; argued; arguing
to dispute; to claim; to give reasons
argument (noun)
form plural: arguments
dispute; claim; rationale; cause
arrange (verb)
forms: arranged; arranged; arranging
to organize; to settle; to structure; to order; to systematize
arrangement (noun)
form plural: arrangements
organization; order; selection; range; assortment
array (noun)
form plural: arrays
display; layout; clothing; menu
arrest (noun)
form plural: arrests
detention; imprisonment
arrest (verb)
forms: arrested; arrested; arresting
to detain; to slow down; to capture; to imprison
arrival (noun)
form plural: arrivals
reaching a destination; incoming; opposite of departure
arrive (verb)
forms: arrived; arrived; arriving
to reach a destination; to return; to come back; to succeed
article (noun)
form plural: articles
item; object; piece of text; paragraph of a contract
article (verb)
forms: articled; articled; articling
to bind with a contract
articulate (adjective)
lucid; eloquent; expressed using clear and distinct words; able to speak
articulate (verb)
forms: articulated; articulated; articulating
to express in a fluent and clear manner
artificial (adjective)
not genuine; simulated; unreal
artisan (noun)
form plural: artisans
creator; craftsman; skilled workman
ASAP (abbreviation, acronym)
as soon as possible (asap, a.s.a.p., A.S.A.P.)
quickly; immediately; swiftly; speedily; fast
ascertain (verb)
forms: ascertained; ascertained; ascertaining
to clarify; to confirm; to reinforce; to verify
aspect (noun)
form plural: aspects
facet; outlook; direction; issue; point
assemble (verb)
forms: assembled; assembled; assembling
to gather; to collect; to converge; to arrange; to meet
assembly (noun)
form plural: assemblies
meeting; conference; set; group of people
assess (verb)
forms: assessed; assessed; assessing
to estimate; to gauge; to evaluate; to measure
assessment (noun)
form plural: assessments
estimation; appraisal; measurement
asset (noun)
form plural: assets
something of value (property, equipment, goods, etc.); item of quality; something beneficial
assign (verb)
forms: assigned; assigned; assigning
to allot; to apportion; to give somebody a task or responsibility; to delegate; to appoint
assignment (noun)
form plural: assignments
task; duty; responsibility; role; obligation
assimilate (verb)
forms: assimilated; assimilated; assimilating
to incorporate; to take in; to absorb
assist (verb)
forms: assisted; assisted; assisting
to aid; to help; to support; to guide; to direct
assistance (noun)
form: no plural
aid; help; support; direction; upkeep
assistant (adjective)
serving as an aide; helpful; supportive; auxiliary
assistant (noun)
form plural: assistants
person who gives support to a superior; aide; helper
associate (noun)
form plural: associates
partner; fellow worker; co-worker; friend
associate (verb)
forms: associated; associated; associating
to share company; to connect; to relate to; to combine
association (noun)
form plural: associations
organization; society; union; coalition; foundation
assort (verb)
forms: assorted; assorted; assorting
to classify; to categorize; to systematize; to structure
assortment (noun)
form plural: assortments
variety; collection; selection; range; mixture
assume (verb)
forms: assumed; assumed; assuming
to suppose; to take on a position or duty; to accept an idea
assure (verb)
forms: assured; assured; assuring
to give confidence; to promise; to pledge; to encourage
attach (verb)
forms: attached; attached; attaching
to fasten; to link to; to add; to ascribe to; to connect to
attachment (noun)
form plural: attachments
connection; confiscation; file sent via email
attain (verb)
forms: attained; attained; attaining
to reach; to achieve; to fulfill; to realize (a goal, purpose, etc.)
attainment (noun)
form plural: attainments
achievement; fulfillment; ability
attempt (noun)
form plural: attempts
try; assay; test; trial
attempt (verb)
forms: attempted; attempted; attempting
to try to; to assay
attend (verb)
forms: attended; attended; attending
to be present in a place; to care for; to serve; to accompany
attendance (noun)
form: no plural
being physically present; act of accompanying or serving
attendant (adjective)
present; opposite of absent; accompanying
attendant (noun)
form plural: attendants
steward; stewardess; person who serves others; person who accompanies others
attendee (noun)
form plural: attendees
person who takes part in a particular event such as a conference or seminar; participant
attention (noun)
form: no plural
concentration; consideration; focus; care; acknowledgment; recognition
attentive (adjective)
concentrated; focused; observant; polite; caring
attentiveness (noun)
form: no plural
concentration; ability to concentrate on an issue
attire (noun)
form: no plural
dress; clothing; apparel
attire (verb)
forms: attired; attired; attiring
to dress; to put on clothes
attitude (noun)
form plural: attitudes
position; opinion; viewpoint; outlook; perspective
attn. (abbreviation, acronym)
directed to a particular person (generally used when addressing a letter or message) or issue
attorney (noun)
form plural: attorneys
lawyer; barrister; advocate; solicitor
attract (verb)
forms: attracted; attracted; attracting
to draw attention; to captivate; to fascinate
attribute (noun)
form plural: attributes
quality; factor; characteristic; feature
attribute (verb)
forms: attributed; attributed; attributing
to ascribe to; to link to; to associate with; to relate to
auction (noun)
form plural: auctions
public sale where goods are sold to the highest bidder (such as eBay)
auction (verb)
forms: auctioned; auctioned; auctioning
to sell something through a bidding system
audience (noun)
form plural: audience
group of people who attend a seminar, a talk, etc.
audio (adjective)
pertaining to hearing and listening; sound
audit (noun)
form plural: audits
examination of financial accounts; internal investigation
audit (verb)
forms: audited; audited; auditing
to examine accounts and other financial records
auditorium (noun)
form plural: auditoriums
large room used for lectures; talks, performances and other events
augment (verb)
forms: augmented; augmented; augmenting
to increase; to enlarge; to enhance; to multiply
authority (noun)
form plural: authorities
official institution; agency; power; control; jurisdiction
authorize (verb)
forms: authorized; authorized; authorizing
to permit; to approve; to empower
autograph (noun)
form plural: autographs
a person's handwritten signature
autograph (verb)
forms: autographed; autographed; autographing
to write one's name by hand; to sign one's name
automobile (noun)
form plural: automobiles
car; vehicle; ride
avail (noun)
form plural: avails
advantage; profit; help; benefit
avail (verb)
forms: availed; availed; availing
to be useful; to help; to facilitate
availability (noun)
form: no plural
accessibility; attainability; obtainability
availability float (noun)
form plural: availability floats
the time or amount of money that defined by checks that have been deposited but not cleared yet
available (adjective)
ready for use; attainable; present; vail
average (adjective)
immediate; common; usual; standard
average (noun)
form plural: averages
mean; median
average (verb)
forms: averaged; averaged; averaging
to have a mean of a certain amount
avoid (verb)
forms: avoided; avoided; avoiding
to escape; to keep away from; to prevent; to keep from happening; to evade
award (noun)
form plural: awards
prize; grant; arbitration
award (verb)
forms: awarded; awarded; awarding
to give; to grant; to judge; to rule
aware (adjective)
attentive; conscious of
awareness (noun)
form: no plural
awesome (adjective)
impressive; inspiring; great; frightening

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